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We connect the dots.

What does that mean?

At Welcome Home, it’s our business to be the ultimate resource for folks just like you.

When something is really good, you welcome expansion. When you know someone with a home in the expansion area, you jump right in!

A very exciting opportunity has presented itself in the Central Florida region, and soon our expansion dream will become a reality. Welcome Home, Rio Grande Valley will have a sister publication based out of Clermont, Florida. Our expansion brother, Todd Breland, owner and publisher of VBR Media/Valley Business Report, will lead the Central Florida newspaper team.

Beginning November 29, 2021, Welcome Home Central Florida will publish an RVers’ publication every six weeks, set to distribute to 170 campgrounds and resorts throughout the Central Florida area. Where to go, what to do, where to eat, traveler profiles, pet sections, and more will be in the hands of campers and seasonal and year-round residents.

Welcome Home is now 2.0. This thrilling expansion connects the Rio Grande Valley with our neighbors on the east side of the Gulf of Mexico. We’ve told you since 2008, "We’re just connecting the dots," and we do what we say.

Join us and be a part of an exciting community of folks who get the most out of all that Central Florida has to offer.

Meet the Team

Kristi Collier Kristi Collier
Todd Breland Todd Breland
Eryn Wingert Eryn Wingert
Colette Brookins Colette Brookins
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